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Welcome to Cedar Wood Tubs Ltd.....

....home of New Zealand and Australia's best priced Canadian cedar hot tubs and bath tubs.

About us:

We are an Auckland, New Zealand based company that has been supplying cedar hot tubs and bath tubs all over New Zealand and Australia since 2010.

Our speciality is providing you with our high quality New Zealand made hot tubs and bath tubs at the best price!


Different heating options available:

  • Wood-fired internally submerged burner: Designed and made in New Zealand. Made of 2mm marine grade #316 stainless steel. 2 year warranty.
  • Electrically heated: 1/2hp electric pump, cartridge filter and a choice of either a 2.3kw or 5.5kw efficient heater. All Australian made. 2 year warranty.
  • Dual heated (gas and wood-fired) externally connected burner: Designed and made in New Zealand. Made of copper. 5 year warranty.


Tub sizes:

  • Ellipse hot tub: 1700mm long x 1300mm wide x 810mm high 2 person
  • Small round hot tub: 1450mm wide x 1250mm high 2-4 person
  • Medium round hot tub: 1650mm wide x 1250mm high 4-6 person (most popular size)
  • Large round hot tub: 1850mm wide x 1250mm high 6-8 person


Our tubs:

We only use A-grade, knot-free Canadian Western red cedar on all our hot tubs.
The compression straps, threaded rods and other components are made from marine grade #316 stainless steel.

Each cedar tub is manufactured to exacting specifications.
Our hot tub staves are precision milled with ball and socket joints.
Our ball and socket joints provide more sealing surface than butt stave joints.
The cedar hot tub bottom boards that make up the base are invisibly secured with wedged tongue and grooved joints which produce an extremely strong and smooth surface.



Shipping information:

We ship anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.
Delivery can be to your door or to the nearest freight depot for you to pick up. Can fit onto the back of a trailer or ute.
Tubs can be sent out fully assembled or in kit-set (except for the ellipse shaped tub which is sent fully assembled).
Please contact us for more information about shipping prices.


Hire our hot tubs or try before you buy:


Hire a hot tub:

* Great gift voucher that is unique and something a bit different for someone who has everything (except a hot tub!).
* Treat yourself or for someone who needs some relaxation and time out from all the stress


Hire a hot tub to buy:
Not sure whether or not to buy one of our cedar hot tubs? Then why not try our 'cedar hot tub experience' first by hiring one of our tubs before deciding on whether or not to buy.
We will pay your full hire price back to you if you decide to buy a new hot tub from us within 3 months from your hire date.

Mid-week package (4 nights): $350.00

Weekend package (3 nights): $350.00

Auckland hire: Includes free delivery and collection within 20km of Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland.


Tub sizes available for hire:
Ellipse shaped 2-4 person tub
Small round 1450mm wide 4 person tub


Heating options available for hire:
Wood-fired internally submerged burner (no power required)
Dual burner (gas and wood-fired) externally connected burner (no power required)
Electrically heated (power required)



Top 10 benefits of our cedar hot tubs:

  • First and foremost: the beauty of natural wood. Relax in harmony with nature surrounded by the sweet aroma of the cedar tree.
  • Deep soaking: Our tubs are designed to be deep with the water coming right up to your shoulders giving you complete immersion and a feeling of buoyancy.
  • Health: Deep soaking in steaming water has long been proven to stimulate circulation, reduce stress, relax sore muscles, help with insomnia and aids with common joint pain such as arthritis.
  • Focal point: Our cedar hot tub will be lovely focal point and make any backyard or garden area look great.
  • A fun family activity: Socialize and relax with your family and friends in the outdoors. Soaking in a cedar hot tub is good clean fun!
  • Reduce stress: Melt away the troubles of your day as you do something soothing for yourself.
  • Can be assembled on site: tubs can delivered either assembled or in kitset which allows your tub to be placed just about anywhere, so no problems getting them situated into difficult sites.
  • A hand-crafted product: Our tubs are made one at a time by a skilled craftsmen, not mass produced out of plastic.
  • Multi-purpose: Fill with cool water and use as a plunge pool on those hot summer days.
  • Rustic and traditional: Our customers appreciate the rustic beauty of the wood and simple design

Why we use only A-grade Canadian Western Red Cedar?

  • Western red cedar is famed for its extraordinary durability and resistance to decay. It contains natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay and insect damage.
  • Cedar has the ability to withstand extreme temperature variations including moisture and heat. It's the first choice of wood in areas with severe winters and hot summers. Frankly, a hot tub made from Western red cedar will serve you many years and will remain beautiful and troublefree.
  • Cedar's unique aroma also comes from naturally occurring thujaplicins in its heartwood. It's pleasing odour is a repellent to moths, insects and vermin.
  • Western red cedar has a very low coefficient of expansion. So, unlike other soft wood such larch or spruce,  it does not shrink, swell or warp excessively, even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature and moisture
  • Western red cedar has prime insulating qualities, which makes our hot tubs very economical to heat. No other wood has the insulating value of Western Red Cedar.
  • And of course it is very beautiful to look at. So if you are looking for the best material possible, western red cedar is the answer!


Cedar hot tubs vs plastic spa pools

  • More relaxing: the water surrounds the bather more because of the deep vertical walls resulting in a far more relaxing experience.
  • Healthier: cedar has natural anti-bacterial preservatives, plastic does not.
  • Beauty: a cedar hot tub is a thing of beauty. Not only is the geometric shape appealing, the rich colours and grains in the wood are visually stunning and will look great, either in your back yard.
  • Aromas: since your hot tub experience is one that is meant to appeal to your senses, cedar hot tubs exude a pleasant and natural aroma when hot and wet so this is another great reason to go with a cedar hot tub. Unfortunately, synthetic plastic spas tend to give off only chemical and artificial aromas.
  • Durability: cedar is legendary for it's softness and durability. Will last 20+ years.
  • Natural insulator: unlike plastic, wood and especially cedar is a natural insulator. The cellular composition of cedar is made up of millions of tiny air-filled cells which provide natural thermal insulation. Heating the water is therefore quicker and stays warmer for longer periods.
  • Cheaper to run: generally speaking, plastic spas come with many jets and bubbles as each different spa pool company try to out do each other by offering more of these. While they may seem all nice to have, more jets require more power and more bubbles adds more cold air into the water which obviously cools the water quickly and so requires more electricity to heat up the water.